Christmas in Milan, part 4: Window Displays (2)

Here’s the continuation to my last post where I shared with you some of my favourite window displays and visual merchandising that I saw while in Milan!

IMG_7718 copyIMG_7719 copyIMG_7719bIMG_7720 copyIMG_7721 copyIMG_7721bPapier mâché Nativity scene, ancient artisanal tradition of Souther Italy, accompanied the display of bags and shoes in a Dolce & Gabbana window. I found it really cool and interesting!

IMG_7722 copyIMG_7722bIMG_7723 copyMoncler.

IMG_7724 copyIMG_7725 copyIMG_7724bIMG_7726 copyBoth my boyfriend and I found this display so cool and creative, where they recreated a holiday meal with the products on display – such as shoes, ties and wallets.

IMG_7728 copyIMG_7729 copyIMG_7730 copyIMG_7734 copyThe Prada flagship store in Milan’s Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, the very first original Prada store from 1913… which apparently does NOT stay open on January 1st!

IMG_7737 copyIMG_7739 copyIMG_7740 copyIMG_7741 copy

So here it is! I think this might be my last Milan post. Hope you guys enjoyed them, even if they were quite different from my usual blogs. I’ll leave you the link to my previous Milan posts:

Milan part 1: The city

Milan part 2: La Rinascente

Milan part 3: Window Displays

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