Benedetta Barucco | About me: Welcome to my blog!

Hello, and thanks for stopping by! I started this blog in September 2015 as part of my degree in Fashion Communication & Promotion at Nottingham Trent University. Aside from uni, I fill my time by going to drama class (and occasionally taking part in plays or short films), studying foreign languages (currently German), watching old movies and collecting quotes (seriously, my OneNote file is out of control).

As a matter of fact, the name of this blog was inspired by one of the quotes stacked in said collection. It’s one of those quotes that just struck me as soon as I laid my eyes on them or that have some kind of meaningful significance to me:

« You can complain because roses have thorns, or you can rejoice because thorns have roses. »

As far as I know the author is unknown (if you search it on Google you will find a bunch of slightly different versions attributed to people such as Ziggy or Abraham Lincoln), but in this case who said it is irrelevant. The title “Thorns Have Roses” is a way to keep reminding myself to look for the beauty in all things and the bright side in every situation.

In this blog you will find a special focus on my degree subject, so brand analyses, comments on ad campaigns or general rambles about fashion communication and the fashion industry, but also bits of my personal life and anything creative that I find worth sharing: theatre and film, travel, art, photography, style, recipes and whatever else tickles my fancy. So… welcome, and I hope you’ll stick around!